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About Us

MABUDEG - Marketing & Business Development group

MABUDEG provides professional management and consultancy services for the hospitality industry. We have gathered the strongest team of specialists distinguished by their knowledge and experience in various fields. Our experience includes the field of counseling, marketing, digital media, advertising, travel, product development, event production, hotel and restaurant management, facility design, public relations, staff training, brand development and improving the customer experience.

Unlike competitors, MABUDEG believes that having the right partner creates a sustainable and powerful synergy. It is always better to know one thing very well than to know a little about a lot.

Clients choose MABUDEG due to the company’s credibility and references of satisfied customers, which show high quality of company’s work and booming results. We strive to create value for customers.

Our goal is to connect the full potential of the consulting team in order to improve the efficiencies of your operation, increase you revenues and drive profitability to your business.

From the concept design or introduction, to fine-tuning or expanding, we will work with you to secure success through the life cycle of your enterprise. We offer smart solutions and opportunities for growth that affect the brainpower of organizations and their processes to meet the challenges of the hospitality environment with its own vision and high competitiveness. Business Development advisors and hospitality industry consultants.

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